July 31th, 2011

The annual "wrestling match" at the Statzer house at the "Hoher Hundstein" in Pinzgau (whatever the weather).

After the mass on the mountain at 10am, the day begins with the "wrestling" for the Hundstoa medal 2011 in the pupils, youth and general performance classes. This is followed by the "wrestling" for the title of Hogmoar 2011.

The Schwarzeck railway runs from 6.30am onwards from Maria Alm (Hintermoos) to the top station. From here onwards, taxis will be available that drive straight to the Statzer house. Another option would be to hike up past Thummersbach, Maria Alm, Maishofen, Dienten, Taxenbach or Bruck.

Domain: Social Practices
Province: Salzburg
Elements: "Hundstoaranggeln"